Monday, August 20, 2012


As the left hand side of this page suggests, I am a member of Blogadda. It’s a blogger platform, where you submit your blog and it showcased among other Indian blogs. Well, today I received a mail from them about a competition.
Here’s what the mail was all about:
Didn't we tell you that we love our bloggers in Delhi/NCR? Well, we are back to show our love with an invitation to be a part of an one of its kind event organised by Red Bull. 
Red Bull is organizing a Thre3Style event, an International DJing competition where participants mix a selection of any three genres or styles of music in 15 minutes. The World Finals are in Chicago and right now Delhi is hosting the National Finals for the Indian subcontinent. Yes, you got it right, we are inviting you to be a part of it. Shveta Salve will be hosting the Regional Finals and Nikhil Chinapa & Pearl will judge and play at the Red Bull Thre3style National Finals. Isn’t that cool and exciting?
We are looking for few bloggers who have an interest in music and lifestyle and wish to be a part of the gala evening that not only has in store some awesome performances, but also a workshop with a top console DJ and loads of Red Bull goodies on offer. To participate, you just have to tell us how interested you are in music/ lifestyle through a post on your blog. (If you are interested in music but haven't got any post up yet, just remember it is never too late to start. What better an opportunity than this? The last day for expressing your interest is Aug, 22nd 2012. 
Now, I know that I am an amateur and a newbie to blogging, so I did not even bother signing up for this. I mean why waste anyone’s time when you won’t be the one getting selected.
Anyways, moving on, I am posting this entry to my blog, because music is something that I just cannot live without.
I sleep with my favorite songs buzzing in my ears and wake up to a noisy sound, my alarm, which to some might be called music, but after listening it every day and most importantly waking up from my sweet, weird or sometimes even disturbing dreams, you start to get a little irritated by it.
My all times favorite artists range from Elvis Presley, The Beatles and John Denver to Coldplay, Pink, and The Cranberries. Old Hindi songs, new songs which have good music along with really nice lyrics, just make my day. Yes, those are very weird choices, but hey what can I say, I love what I love, right? So I know, it’s an unending list. The songs, the artists, if I had to do it sometime, I mean make a one, believe me it would take days.
Now that being said, I just like to listen to songs, watching the videos isn’t exactly my kind of thing. While listening, whatever image my mind conjures up, is good enough for me, because ninety percent of the time the videos are so obscene or senseless, that even my love for the song starts to diminish.
I know that I am pretty young and na├»ve and I possibly cannot know a lot of people. That being said, the people that I do know, not one of them can live without music. It’s just a very important and essential part of our life.
Life, in general, can sometimes be very lonely, and if you have trust issues, like many people do, then it’s even worse for you. See, music not only helps in coping up a little with isolation, but also provides with a little peace of mind.
Nowadays, everywhere you go, however you go, by bus, metro, car, everyone is listening to music. It might not be same song or the genre, but it gives you a feeling of being connected, being in touch. When someone listening to music, sees some other person doing the same thing, a smile instantaneously comes to their faces. And we all know, it’s that smile, that one tiny moment of happiness, that actually makes us feel part something, something bigger, better, that brings a little sunshine in our life.
I know from personal experience, that music can be a very good way to strike new friendships, new relationships. You’re just standing there lost in your own world and some else, whose lost in a world of their own, comes to stand beside you. A few minutes go by and then one of asks the time or if you’re waiting for someone, crib about how late that person is and how much long will it take. Then the one, inevitable question, “so what are you listening?” and after that you can just go on and on, about your interests, choices, tastes and preferences leading towards the start of a friendship, sometimes more.
Some people say that having hobbies is a waste of time, sometimes waste of money and energy as well. But I want to ask those people that if they have any hobby or past time for that matter, what is it, that they are actually working for?
In my opinion, it’s always good to have something going in your life, other that your work and family. It gives that extra something that over the years people start to miss and gives us the feeling of uneasiness or dissatisfaction.
My hobbies are listening to music, reading books, watching shows, movies and hanging out with friends. What’s yours??

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