Sunday, January 03, 2016

My Not-to-do-list this new year!

I was super thrilled to read this week’s Blogadda WOW prompt – ‘It’s Not My Resolution’, simply because this is unlike what most people are doing, their so-called 'Things-to-do-from-2016' lists. 

Another major way why I simply loved the idea of this week's WOW prompt is because there are very few people who actually know what they want, and like me know what all they don't want to do. We all might have our major goals in life, but the small things which matter the most remain unclear.

So without further ado, here's the list of things that I will not do from 2016, not in any particular order:
  • I will not start a diet. Exercise may be irregular but my love for food will always remain the priority, esp. junk food :p

  • Also, I will not join a gym, I exercise better in outdoor places anyway, without any cost and trouble to my beloved nose for lack of deo!
  • I will also not give up any of my guilty pleasures and continue binging on food, books, shows, movies n music!
  • Talking about music, I will not give up on my kind of twerking while listening to stupid Bollywood songs :p 
  • Even though I don't think I am a people pleaser, but I will most certainly not give up my sarcasm!

  • I will not let new slang words and phrases ruin my vocabulary! Even though there are certain aspects to it that are fun.
  • I will not stop criticising and complaining about Candy Crush players and their requests.

  • I will not learn to draw! I love my stick-figures since I refuse to be one in real life, I will stick them on paper!

  • I will not buy the latest iPhone!
  • And for all those extroverts out there, who have made their resolutions to meet one new person every day, I will not meet more people than absolutely required. Dude, I have enough trouble keeping up with the people that I know already, why would I want to extend my misery!!
  • I will not get more cultured or sophisticated! I like my raucous laugh!!
  • Also taking into account the recent movie releases and the downward spiral of mainstream cinema, I have decided I will not go to any more movies!! (I'll just download them :p)
  • For all those OCD'ed people around me, I will not get more organised. I like my chaos.

  • I will not learn to cook! Why should I make others suffer?

  • And even though I might be one of those who are desperately in need to see a shrink, I will not go to a psychiatrist, no matter how many times people tell me to!
  • And since it's my nature, not to mention my personality, I will not stop procrastinating things! (Afterthought - My family's not gonna be happy about this one! :p)

  • I will not start another hobby. I can barely keep up with the ones I already have!
  • I will not read Non-fiction. I love fiction, also, non-fiction is just way too real for me.

  • And most importantly I will not set a budget. It's a different fun altogether to realise you're completely broke and crib about how stupid you are and little you get paid.
  • And finally, I will not get a makeover. I like myself the way I am - I am awesome after all!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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