Sunday, August 12, 2012

The First Entry : An Introduction

So .. starting my blog .. I have never actually written a blog or anything, I mean thought about it a billion of times, sure .. but never really got the time .. and now this, it sort of feels weird .. Hopefully, I’ll get used to this.
Umm .. so .. what do I say .. lets start with a little about me .. I am a very weird, freak of nature kinda person, utterly n totally confused but hoping that one day, somehow will manage to clear at least a few of my doubts ..
Now earlier I said that I didn't have time to start a blog .. well that was sorta true .. I know, i know, u have to make time blah blah, but I really had a very good reason for not having any spare time .. so I don't know how to manage my time, but how can u spare some when ur studying 24*7!!! Yes, that much .. well when ur studying to become a chartered accountant, that what u become, a mean, lean studying machine!! and its not like u can take a break or something but keep on studying till ur head starts to hurt n ur mind reaches its saturation point .. but thats not even the end of it .. I did all of that .. I really did .. but even after that I couldn't clear my group .. well thats not a good sign, now is it??
So I decided that i cannot do this ..  yes, I quit .. well I never wanted to become a CA anyways .. after 12th it seemed a good option .. sure I had to work hard but the then young na├»ve little me thought “how hard could it be”, yeah, I really thought that .. well after 2 failed attempts n 2 years of my life that I am never gonna get back ..  I decided enough is enough .. I want time for myself .. time to read, read in a proper way n not trying to hide that I am reading a book or a novel .. a profession that I might actually like n not a job that turns me into one of those corporate, serious whiny, crying all the time about how their life turned out people!!!
So .. all this rambling leads to the conclusion of what I actually wanna do .. well when I finally came out of the shock of my exam result failure for the second time, I decided that journalism looks like a good option .. so with further research I decided that I want to be a journalist .. print journalist to be specific .. so now this journey begins where I actually try to decide and overcome my shy n confused personality ..
But now the main questions that is looming over my head like the sword that hovers over a man about to be beheaded is whether I’ll be able to make it to a proper post graduate course form a good institution, taking into consideration the limited no of seats available.
So this blog here on is going to be my practice ground, where almost everyday I’ll be posting my views along with facts of happenings all around the globe and of things that interest me.
Best of luck to me!!!


  1. wow i am glad to heard that your are stated blogging. keep blogging dude..

  2. Wish you a good luck with your venture.Keep blogging keep expressing.