Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mumbai and Life

You know how at times you get so accustomed to your surroundings that you forget how wonderful and amazing it is to be there? Yeah well, I am sorry to acknowledge that between assignments, and more assignments, I forgot that I live in Mumbai now! And not just anywhere, but Bandra west, near Mannat, the Mannat! The all famous Mehboob studio is just down the hill, again something which I had failed to remember.
Now, I am not a fan of any particular person, but I would be lying if I say that seeing Shahrukh Khan will be nothing. It’s a huge deal but not something likely to happen, although who knows what may happen in the future.
Anyways, what brought me back to my senses today was, seeing someone who I thought looked like someone I once used to watch a lot, on television.  This lady used to play a lot of lead negative roles. The reason that I haven’t told you her name is because I don’t know it. So what? Am I supposed to remember every name that I come across? Well maybe, but it was a long time ago and I am kinda bad with names and I am still racking my brains for it. I am sorry. How I wish Google could read my thoughts and tell me who it is that I am thinking about. But alas! That isn’t possible and stupid me, I cannot even remember the name of the show that I remember her for!
Well, I seem to be in a rambling mood today, so back to the lady that I saw. I was in an auto and due traffic, not to mention heavy rain, we stopped just at the entrance of Mehboob Studio. She was wearing a sleeveless green coloured Kurta with white cupris holding the hand of a girl not more than 12 years I think, although these days it is hard to tell the age of a girl with certainty as they tend to look older than they really are, when they are that young. And as they grow older it’s all about trying to look younger than their true self.
Anyways, back to the TV star look alike. As I saw her, I thought, ‘hey she looks like that lady who used to come in ... well ... um ... that ... arre ... that show...’ And yes, that’s how blank my memory went. But just as we moved, I saw another person clicking a picture with someone and then thanking him profusely.  It was then I realised, that the man with the camera was taking a memento snap shot with some actor (some, because I don’t know who that person was).  And then it hit me, that the lady I saw earlier wasn’t just any look alike but the real deal! Standing outside the Mehboob Studio!

It’s easy to forget where you really are, literally and metaphorically. But it feels good when reality makes you realise just how lucky you are, wherever you are.

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