Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Independence day

When I was a kid, Republic Day and Independence Day were the only two days, when I bothered to get up early, despite the fact the fact that it was a holiday. You know, on Republic day, we have this huge parade, in New Delhi. Anyways, not here to talk about that, are we now?
So, Independence Day, a day which commemorates India’s independence from the British and its birth as a sovereign nation on 15th August, 1947.
The Independence Day is a national holiday in India. The flagship event takes place in Delhi where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort, followed by a nationally broadcast speech from its ramparts. The day is observed all over India with flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades and cultural events.
Schools and colleges mark the day with cultural activities, drills, flag hoisting and distribution of sweets. Government as well as private organisations celebrate it similarly.

Families and friends get together for lunch or dinner, or for an outing. Housing colonies, cultural centres, clubs and societies hold entertainment programmes and competitions, usually based on the freedom theme.
In cities, one sees a sudden burst of saffron, green and white, the Indian tri-colour. The media goes to town with a variety of contests, promotions and programmes related to Indian independence. Television channels show patriotic movies and relentlessly play patriotic songs from old and new Hindi movies. Billboards on roadsides for different brands pay their tribute to the nation.

Everyone seems to have something going for them. Shops and petty tradesmen sell a range of Independence Day merchandise such as flags, stickers, tee-shirts and greeting cards. Street urchins hawk paper and plastic flags and tri-coloured balloons to motorists at traffic signals.

Though a trifle commercial and jingoistic, what lies beneath the celebrations is the national spirit of gaiety, pride and hope for a better future. A spirit and hope that is renewed each year.

Now, I know that India has many flaws and today should be the day that we should highlight them, but right now, It just seems that everywhere, on every blog or any site which brings forward people’s opinion, people are saying, how wrong can India go and how, whatever we do is never gonna be enough, therefore I have decided to leave the topic “India and its improvement”, for some other time. Right now and for today, lets just take a step back and see how far we have come from the time when we were under the British rule. Yes, I agree, that it isn’t much, but today, in history, our forefathers, who fought for the independence, had achieved a major feat, so, I want to spend the time I have today in remembering them and saluting them, for giving me a country that I love and cherish.  

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