Friday, August 17, 2012



This was something that I wrote sometime back, just wanted to share.

When I was young I used to be jealous
Jealous of all the people around me
Jealous of all they could have and not me

But even then I used to wonder
About the day when others would envy me
When they would realize what they had
But were careless enough not to understand it
Naive enough to worry about all the things they couldn’t get
And stupid enough to not be grateful for all they already have

And today, here I am, still jealous and still alone
Wondering when will I break this vicious cycle
When will I understand that this is how it will always be
I will always be that little kid who will look up every night
Trying to talk to the stars, the moon
And if nothing else then the solitary wind

Its as if I am never gonna find any peace and
I’ll always have that empty space

This should trouble me, should make me worry
But this realization has made me understand
This is how I always was
This is how I’ll always be

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