Friday, August 17, 2012

Muslims and Terroism

So, I was reading about the Kamra Air base attack in Pakistan, which happened in the early hours of Thursday, on the Times of India website. Well, as much as dreadful that was, what really disturbed me, were the comments that followed afterwards.
It is well known that there is no love lost between the people of India and Pakistan. But reading those comments, it dawned on me, how even the common man, has been sucked into the ever vicious cycle of the political blame game.
Every individual, be it Indian or Pakistani, all were blaming the other country for the attack. Indians were stating this as an irony, that people who have been providing refuge to terrorists finally got a taste of their own medicine. On the other hand, Pakistanis were positive that this attack was organized by the Indian terrorists. Just like the politicians of the world, we were taking sides and blaming the other party for the destruction.
Also, all this blame game started me wondering, does everyone thinks this way? So, in an effort to understand it further, I read a few more articles about terrorism, Muslims and Pakistan. Well, no awards for guessing the result of that research. Almost all Indians hate Pakistanis and I have to say the feeling is mutual.
But what was even more distressing about this was that people have linked all Muslims and terrorists together. If you’re a Muslim, you must also be a terrorist. Now I am not a newborn or anything, I know the hatred runs deep into our veins, and sometimes its understandably so. After all, there have been so acts of terrorism and violence in our nation. Many people have lost someone they once loved deeply and dearly. But does this makes it right to hate anyone and everyone who is a Muslim?
I am not saying that there isn’t terrorism present in the world, cause there is and its on the rise even as I talk about it here, but I what I am trying to say here is that we need to distinguish between Muslims and terrorism.
Now I know this must sound really na├»ve and childish, but shouldn’t we give the benefit of doubt to them? I feel that everyone deserves at least one chance, just one, and if they lose it, well I guess they lose it.
Well maybe this is stupid after all but trying never hurts, does it?

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