Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discovering the Joy of Togetherness with Kissan!

There are few times when advertisements, in the way of promoting their cause, are able to bring smiles to faces and make people realise the importance of families. ‘Kissanpur – Real Joy of Togetherness’, the new advertisement from Kissan, one of India’s FMCG forerunners by Hindustan Unilever, has managed to do just that!

The video focuses on giving parents a new idea of spending time with their kids as virtual social connections have taken over real ones. The idea here is sowing the seeds of bonding with the brand and to bring back its consumers the real joy in being together. 

Emotionally stirring, the ad makes you go ‘aww’, making you miss the days when life was simple, when there weren’t that many cell-calls and e-mails to distract us from spending time with our families, when technology was still being developed. And though our lives have become much easier due to the advancements in technology, our existence outside the virtual world has considerably diminished. We wake up with our phones in hand, with e-mails and messages being our first greetings for the day, and only after them come our loved ones. 

Technology has become a necessity and a way of life, but we have to prioritise, between our work and family, between social media and spending time with friends. After all, its not just about earning but for the reasons that we are motivated to earn! 

Kissanpur, the initiative by Kissan, encourages children to participate in planting and growing tomatoes and thereby ensuring some quality time spent together with their loved ones. According to Kissan, the campaign not only helped build natural experiences but also enhanced the brand’s ‘real’ credentials. The main intention of the campaign was to let their consumers know about the authenticity of the Kissan products and to inform that they are made from 100% real fruits and tomatoes.

Supported by the website, the ad film ties up very well with the digital initiatives, where anyone can share their personal stories or take part in the contests or play virtual games on the site. Apart from buying the tomato seeds online, and a guide to growing tomatoes, one can also earn points by registering at the site and taking active part in the campaign.  

Kissan has incentivised all activities to encourage more parents and kids, esp. with the Kissanpur Little Hero contest. The top scorers – “Kissanpur’s Little Heroes” will get featured on the brand’s ketchup bottles and thereby further amplifying the joy of growing tomatoes in your garden with the possibility of having their child’s picture on a Kissan ketchup bottle! 

For more details, do visit their website, and take part in this amazing campaign, after all planting something never hurt anyone, did it?

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